FBI Director, the release has said in recent iPhones works

FBI director says unlocking method won't work on newer iPhones

The Federal Bureau of Investigation method secret, 5c iPhone from a San Bernardino shooters do not work on the latest models, FBI Director James Comey said that used to unlock.
“We have a tool in a narrow strip of the phone, which works” Comey at a conference on cryptography and supervision of Kenyon College in Ohio on Wednesday night.
Comey said the technique does not work on the iPhone 5s and 6s recent and iPhone 6 models. iPhone 5c model was introduced in 2013 and since then has become available that have been abandoned by Apple as newer models.
The Justice Department said in March it had reached with the help of a third shooter unidentified iPhone San Bernardino and gave his lawsuit against Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), a dispute with the high stakes that end, but the fight more wide for encryption starting unresolved.
Because the technique can not be used to penetrate the latest models, the police will probably have to look at Apple, you can access the devices involved in other cases.
The Department of Justice a court of New York has asked the force to unlock Apple iPhone connected to a 5-year drug investigation. Prosecutors in the case have said it will be updated on April 11, the judge, if he was going to “change” their demand for Apple support.
If the government apply this additional case, the technology company could use the legal discovery to force the FBI to disclose what technique is used, a source close to the situation told Reuters.
Apple and the FBI were not immediately available for comment.
The FBI began some US senators this week to report on the method used to unlock the iPhone of San Bernardino.

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